záchranné práce

Breaking news! The insurance company approved a professional firm that will do the job. The firm agrees – we have to start immediately. They say there is a strong storm coming from the Canary Islands and will arrive here with force of 20-30kn. I am speeding to the headquarters for the permission to start. Now only the weather can stop it (or me, hurting myself when rushing there). Breaking news again: I got the permission and I am waiting for the rescue team which is on its way from Algeciras. But do not count chickens before they hatch. I know that even if we save the boat, it will start new negotiations about who shall pay for it and how much:-( As for me, I do not care at the moment, I want to save the boat at any costs, maybe for another owner or captain who will do better then me. We will save the boat for you, who had built it, and for you, who keep fingers crossed. Thanks a lot.
We had to leave because of the weather and darkness – we will continue tomorrow. People say that even worse weather from the SW (that is impending over us) is not as bad as milder storms from the E which cause huge waves. But the E storm did not make harm to our boat which is, according to my opinion, because of the direction of the waves that were coming longitudinally to the axis. I am afraid more of the diagonal direction of the waves. People try to calm me down saying that the weather is not that bad and waves are smaller. I have to praise La Grace, I cannot imagine another boat that would stand that much. They say that when the last time another boat of similar size got shipwrecked on the same place, it went into pieces during one night. Our hull does not seem to be damaged more since my arrival.

záchranné práce

Today is a bank holiday, so it is only us who is working. Tomorrow is Friday and the Spanish will probably need some rest and then it comes Saturday and Sunday… I know the pace of life here is more relaxed but we’ll need to push them a bit forward (well, I doubt it but I keep trying). We need to see the legal point of view of the whole case as well. Can anybody help with ideas concerning legal advice?

záchranné práce

There weather got better. It is still chilly, though, like at yours perhaps. Things won’t dry and our rescue team have spent the whole day in freezing water (cca 18º). Outside temperature during the day get over 15º but during the night drops to 8º. The climate around is influenced by the high mountains (Sierra Nevada I guess) which peaks are already under snow. Further on, the works are complicated by high tides. Water rose half a meter. It is in the way of moving sands. When I had arrived, I was looking for an excavator to dig the boat up. I do not need it any more, the boat is free – which is a good news. The bad news is that I had to accept the idea of leaving the keel here. It stayed buried in the sand and with the waves it got ripped of the boat. I cannot navigate the boat without a help anyway – there is a hole in the hull from the ripped keel. The closest marina is 31NM far from here and I won’t be able to make it for such a distance just using pumps and pontoons, not even with my determination to navigate on „whatsoever floating“ with the risk I may die with HER. There is another option: to get the ship ashore – like they used to do before. I know how to do it, I only need to get it approved by authorities. Marbella is a luxurious residential resort and I hope the boat will turn into a nice attraction and not put off the local retiring rich. All that had some value is virtually saved – if the container arrives and we have a place where to put all the stuff. We still keep 24 hours watches because richness also attracts thieves. Do not worry about us – we have a base! It is a luxurious summer apartment of a man who offered us the key from the flat on the beach with permission to use it. We are holding strong, also with the support of yours at home. Thanks again to everybody…

záchranné práce

Raining heavily since early morning. It complicates the works but does not stop them. Most things that needed to be rescued are off the boat and ready to transport. Unfortunately, there is no where to transport them. There is still the risk that the things we have saved could be stolen. Therefore, besides the work, we keep watches by the boat 24 hours a day. The most important information: today the dealings with the insurance company have started. The company recognized the claim and started solving it. This is the good news. The following are worse: 1) The main problem is that our insurance covers the boat repairs but, allegedly, does not cover the rescue works. Which does not make sense to me because if the owner cannot pay for the rescue works, he would damage the insurer by claiming full coverage. (Well, we still make research on this one). 2) The bad weather (waves) could destroy the boat before we would be able to rescue it. It is a time race, not only with the authorities :-( Thanks for your support – it keeps our spirits above water.

záchranné práce

We minimized the danger of capsizing by putting down the rigging and sails. Some people are liquidating the consequences of the damage and others are trying to save what was left from the ship’s belongings. We try to make the boat lighter. We hope that the insurance company agent arrives tomorrow. His expertise will be decisive for our boat and the future. What do I need? I will write it here as it will be coming up. 1) It might be that we would need some hands but I hesitate to call for the volunteers’ camp in Spain. We will see after the insurance company verdict. 2) I wonder how I could insure that the boat will not cause any ecological damage. I know that there are sanctions for that but I was not able to persuade any of the locals to deal with it. 3) Any legal help would be very appreciated or some legal advice when dealing with the insurance company. 4) I do not like talking about the money. It is up to you. It is very clear that we will need the money :-( It is mainly my problem and I try to find solutions. But if you had any ideas where to get the money from and let me know it would definitely be a huge help for the ship.


La Grace zdrzela v Gibraltaru necekana havarie s ropou (ne jejich .-), kterou mistni slozky resili natazenim norne steny napric v pristavu. Lod tak musela cekat, nez se dostanou pro naftu k benzince a pak na otevrene more. V odpolednich hodinach vypluli smerem na vychod. Pokud se budou drzet dal od brehu, ceka je svezi 25kn vitr od zapadu.
Hodne stesti v plavbe kluci!


19.30hod. lod stastne prekonala Atlanticky ocean a hodila kotvu v bazenu ve Spanelske casti Gibraltarskeho zalivu.
La Grace je v Evrope!!!
Byl to velmi nestandardni Atlantik a spise nez s rozbourenym oceanem bylo treba se prat sam se svou vlastni psychikou v dobach bezvetri. Mozna prave proto to bylo tezke. Gratuluju vsem, kteri to dokazali!!!


1200z: 36°22N 011°14W. Gibraltar 274nm. Stale flauta :-( Na jakem kanalu funguje Tanger port? Asi se tam v patek rano stavime.


12 00z: 36°°45N 014°°32W.
Gibraltar 400nm. Stale flauta. Krome kratkeho plavani stale
motorujeme. Avizovany vitr N4Bf stale neprichazi :-(


1200z:3658n 01653w.
Gib 548NM – flauta. Do gibu 4 dny, nafty mame na 3 dny…z
azorske Tlakove vyse asi hned tak nefoukne. :-(